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Online College Choice Course

Are you planning to attend college and unsure where to start?

The University of Illinois is a military-friendly leader in higher education and a highly-respected public university. Whether you’re considering a community college or technical school, a traditional college or university, or an elite institution, our online course is specifically designed to assist service members and veterans with planning their education and finding the right school.

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Remember, not all colleges and universities are equal!

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This course will help you:

  1. Prepare for your transition out of the military. It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to transition seamlessly. Are you feeling anxious about your transition? Do you have clear educational and career goals in mind? Are you familiar with the process of applying to college? Do you have disability-related and/or family related service needs that will have to be effectively addressed for you to succeed in the pursuit of your educational goals?
  2. Pinpoint the right school for you. Not all colleges and universities are created equal. Getting into an easy school or pursuing a degree that awards a lot of life experience credit may sound promising, but it may not adequately prepare you for your career goals. Choose wisely.
  3. Learn what to expect as a student veteran. You will bring a lot of maturity and worldly experience to your academic program, but, you’ll likely feel a bit rusty as a student or find it difficult to relate to your younger peers. Learn about the common stressors that student veterans experience as well as strategies for building a sound academic foundation.
  4. Develop skills to maximize your time on campus. Find out what successful student veterans say that they wish they’d known while transitioning out of the military. Engage in various reading and reflective assignments and learn about assistive offices on your campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this course only for those interested in attending the University of Illinois?
    1. No! The University of Illinois has specialized experience working with military populations. The course is designed to assist students with finding the right fit for their own unique needs.


  1. Is the course accredited?
    1. Yes. The University of Illinois is fully accredited.


  1. How much does the course cost?
    1. The course costs $409 and awards 1.0 credit


  1. Will the credits from this course transfer to other schools?
    1. This is solely dependent on the school. It is recommended that prospective students reach out to their schools of interest to inquire about transfer policies.


  1. Who teaches the course?
    1. The course is designed and taught by Dr. Nicholas Osborne; a veteran and higher education administrator with specialized expertise working with military populations.


  1. Will the Department of Veterans Affairs or Tuition Assistance Program pay for this course?
    1. The University of Illinois is approved to receive VA and TA payments. For specific VA questions, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid


  1. I see that the course is affiliated with the Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education. I’m not a wounded veteran or service member, can I still take this course?
    1. Absolutely. The course is designed for active duty service members, veterans, and those serving in the Reserves and National Guard.

  3. Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
    1. Please complete the survey and you will have an opportunity to ask questions


  1. I’m currently deployed or in the field, does the course meet on specific days of the week and at specific times?
    1. We recognize that service members aren’t always on a traditional Monday – Friday schedule. This course is self-paced and will allow you the freedom to progress while still meeting your other military and life commitments.


  1. Does the University of Illinois offer other online programs?
    1. Yes! Illinois Online offers 75 online degrees and certificates in a wide range of subjects along with 50 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). All programs are taught by distinguished faculty who teach on campus. For more information, visit